We Love You Divorce Book


Children and Divorce: Helping Kids to Cope with Separation, Divorce. Reassure children in the difficult time when parents are divorcing, separating. Conceived as a photo album with illustrations, it guides the child through the parents’ story, the children story, a love story: Mum and Dad may no longer be a loving couple, they are still loving parents for ever…

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‘We Love You’ has been created to help parents and carers support their children when a family is going through separation or divorce. It is meant to guide everyone involved through the major life changes and to ease the process.

It was inspired by Herve’s Daughter: https://youtu.be/KcPKcmPLepg

Organised like a photo album, parents will guide their children through the family story, a love story: where the parents come from, how they met, got engaged, and how the family grew. Then as the parents realised they had their differences and decided to go their own ways what remains is : We Love You, no matter what.  And there is a future. The children will have two homes, two bedrooms, and still have fun with Mum and Dad, all their friends and extended families.

The key message of We Love You is: while the parents are no longer a loving couple, they remain loving parents – forever.

At the end of the book there is a Declaration of Commitment which both carers can sign to witness their mutual determination to be fully engaged parents.

‘We Love You’ also comes with a free online guide designed for the parents with key information specifically for adults. They will find the story behind “We Love You’ – together with tips on how to complete the book, as well as expert guidance on how to ease your emotions, how to deal with the separation or divorce and how to maintain your engagement with the child as you all manage the transition to a new family structure.  The e- guide is brief but effective.


Be Aware: as it is a print on demand it can take more than a week to receive the book depending where you live.

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